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Are LED Fog Lights the future in lighting?

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Are LED Fog Lights the future in lighting?
It certainly appears to be the case when it comes to lighting in your car and truck. Some of the advantages are low power use, generate low heat, very bright light, small  size, and bulbs that rarely need to be replaced.
One especially useful application is in motorcycles – the LED Fog Lights are not affected by vibrations and they use very little power – this makes them perfect as an add-on accessory for your motorcycle. LED FOG Lights can be round, oval or rectangular in shape. In fact they can also be installed in strips of various lengths. Many of the luxury car brands have started to install these types of lights. Now there is a strong after market parts availability of LED fog light installation kits and just about any vehicle can be retro-fitted with add-on kit or simple by replacing the existing bulbs with LEDs.
Your choices of size, style and color are terrific. In fact LED lights for cars and trucks are now available as LED Headlights, LED rear fog lights and turn indicator lights. Many people are using them as accent lights in the engine compartment and especially in place of neon under car lights. The LED lights are much more durable than the neon lights and they come in a wide variety of colors.
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