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Auto dashboard light usage and Notes

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Nowadays led dashboard lights have different colors. But each color means different notice situation for cars.

Red dashboard light means warning of danger. If they light up, but people ignore them, that might cause accident for your car, or impact your car's lifetime, especially for car braking system. Air bag warning led dashboard lights kindle in red color, there must be problem in car internal system. Oil pressure warning led dashboard lights kindle red color, there must impact generator if continue to drive car.

Yellow led dashboard lights means fault indicator. If they light up , it tell drivers there is something wrong for some internal car system.For example, ABS warning led dashboard lights kindle in yellow color, ABS system has some problem that would cause flat tire. (P.S ABS means antilock braking system). Also including generator warning dashboard light and active air suspension warning dashboard light, if they kindle in yellow color, there is some problem in some internal car system.

Green led dashboard lights means situations for car. For example, automatic gearbox of power mode led dashboard lights kindle in green color, that means warning drivers what situation for their car.

To know different colors for led dashboard lights, drivers should know which situation they have to deal with.

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