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BMW LED talil lights modle

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The led tail lights of BMW is made up of led turn signal light, led brake light,led back up light and the lighting colors are usually yellow, red, white.


Among the the three kinds of lights, the base model of the halogen automotive bulb is P21W, bulb diameter 26.5mm, length 52.5mm, lamp power 21w; the base model of the halogen automotive bulb is P21/5W, bulb diameter 26.5mm, length 52.5mm ,lamp power 21/5w;the base model W16W of the automotive bulb is W2.1 * 9.5d, bulb diameter 15.2mm, length 35.6mm, lamp power 16w;Because the led tail lights for cars have so many advantages such as without delay led, energy -saving, have a long life, low heat dissipation,high color purity and so on,the led lights must replace the traditional halogen lamp.



The led taillights have been widely used in various big brand car such as Audi, Mercedes, Toyota and many other car models, and the using of the led light products has already become a new selling point for mining vehicles. So, then when we choose BMW led car tail lights,what we should pay attention to? According to common sense we know that if you want to replace car lights,the base of the two must can be interchanged.


The led turn signal light models ,led brake light models , led back up lights models are: T25BA15S, T25BAY15D, T15W2.


In addition, what we should keep in remind is that there are many different quality led lights in the market,so when we buy our led tail lihgts,we have better buy led light brand,to choose high quality led lights for cars.



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