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Check car bulbs and windscreen wiper blades

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Dingju Car Light is advising motorists to check their car bulbs and windscreen wiper blades before setting off on the roads in the bad weather.


Snow has been falling in locations across China this week and the weather is predicting further snow fall, issuing severe weather warnings for many locations in the north of China.


During severe weather conditions, motorists should avoid making journeys if at all possible and, if not, they should drive slowly and with extreme caution, Dingju Car Light advises.


Another advice is for motorists to give their vehicles a thorough check-over before setting off. This includes checking that anti-freeze is added to the radiator and windscreen washer fluid.


All car lights should be checked to see that they are working and windscreen wiper blades should be changed if they are worn to ensure that the car windscreen is properly cleared.

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