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Dingju New led auto lights

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Now the led auto light market is recovering,Our factory design more than 20 iterms new products according to market requirement,Led auto light industry gorowth fast,so more and more customers require different styles to suit his/her market,In order to give our costomers best service quality,so our facotry according to market research to produce new type of led auto lgiht.
Then i will share new products with you.

led auto signal light


T10 7 led singal light,forever we just product 6led signal lgiht,accoriding to our customer reuqirement,so our facotry decided make it up to suit our customer market,This new 7led car signal light use transparent plastic w5w socket.make this signal light looks more nice and also have a good glow effect.



 five side super flux signal light


This five side super flux signal light with 5 camber super flux,we also have anther similar poroduct with 5 round super flux,

3SMD wedge signal light


This 3SMD wedge signalalso is our new product,with 5050 SMD in three side ,so it has good glow effect and can cool well.
We also can do 8SMD,2SMD singanl lightand so on.
If you want to know more information about our new product,please click here.
You also can send E-mail to sales@dingjuled.com. Looking forward to you E-mail.
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