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How to Install LED Brake Lights and Turn Lights

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Installing regular halogen lights. The only difference is that an LED
light assembly is required. LED lights are brighter and last longer
than traditional halogen lights. If you are in an environment that
does not get much sunlight, such as the northern states during the
winter, you should consider installing LED lights. It should take no
more than 20 minutes, depending on your vehicle.

1:Open the hood of the engine compartment. Remove the negative
terminal cable from the battery using a socket wrench.
2:Open the trunk of the vehicle and remove the two screws from
tailgate access areas. Many velicles simply have a cover panel that
can pried out with a slotted screwdriver.
3:Pull out the taillight assemblies from the trunk. Disconnect their
electrical connectors.
4:Install the LED taillight assemblies and connect their electrical
5:Reattach the screws and close the trunk. Reconnect the battery
and close the hood.
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