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How to analysis fault diagnosis of automobile lamps?(三)

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 led car  light

(7) Rear lightalways on
Rear light switch in the off position, tail light.
taillight ablation closed relay contacts;
taillight switch damage;
green line bond strap.
Unplug the fuse box
third row third outlet, fault does not disappear, as the relay fault, fault disappears, the outlet plugged.
Unplug the combination switch on the left socket, fault does not disappear, green wire bond strap, fault disappeared, taillight switch instructions damage.
tail light fuse
Open the rear lights or fog lights switch, F8 fuse.
taillight relay coil short circuit;
Poor Ground
lines are wrong.
Unplug the fuse box
third row fourth socket, fault does not disappear, as the relay damage, fault disappears, turn off the rear light switch, socket plugged.
Unplug the wiring harness and the body chassis wiring harness connectors include pedestal green red / yellow line. Open the rear light switch, fault does not disappear, as the body harness in the red / yellow wire bond strap. Instrument panel lights, left anterior small light bulbs short circuit, lamp failure of fuse circuit will appear. If the fault disappears, turn off the rear light switch, red / yellow line plugged.
Disconnect the right front
small lamp, left rear tail lamp, right rear tail lights and license light sockets, fault did not disappear, as the chassis wiring harness in the red / yellow wire bond strap; fault disappears, plug sockets were observed: connect the lamp socket Insurance on the break, indicating that the light has short-circuit fault. The most common practice is the mounting bolts will be pressure on the wiring harness, license light line is clamped gasket profile. Check the fault should focus first check whether the wiring harness was pressed.
(9) hazard warning switch does not work
Turn signal circuit the normal, open hazard warning switch, left and right turn signals not working.
damage hazard warning light switch;
bad plug connectors;
wire circuit.
Turn signal circuit normal, indicating hazard warning light switch and the socket is defective. Remove the steering column decorative cover, the combination switch on the right socket on the green / red, green / black wire bond strap. Turn signal does not shine, the line circuit; turn signals properly, and failure in the hazard warning switch. Outlet should be checked at this time under the middle row of black bond strap is disconnected or bad plug.

(10), while the dashboard indicator light, bright dark
Open the turn signal switch, instrument panel beam lights flashing at the same time, but the brightness dimmer.
Reason: the common bond strap dashboard light circuit.
Diagnosis: When the failure to observe instructions instrument cases, if not normal, should consider the round socket on the dashboard behind the black bond strap is off, or the line circuit. If the instruments are all normal, indicating a common bond strap light circuit.

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