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How to intall signal light on car

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led car signal light

One of the most common upgrades in the car industry is after-market led signal lights. These upgrades can add new style to your car, or can replace the hassle of stemmed lights with ones that are flush and easy to work around. With a little electrical experience, you can install new signal lights yourself

Things You'll Need:Screwdriver set Signal lightkit designed for your automotive.
1 Remove the old signal lights from your automotive. Unscrew their mounting bolts (usually two on each light mount), and then pull the light away from its place on the fairing.
2 Unplug the lights' cords by sliding back the connection covers and pulling the plugs away from each other.
3 Place the new auto signal lights in each of their slots and attach the new bolts to secure them. Make sure to feed each of the lights' wiring fully through their holes before securing.
4 Attach each of the new signal lights' cords into their corresponding colored plugs.
5 Slide the plug covers back over the attachments.
6 Test all of the new auto signal lights and make sure that they work correctly.


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