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LED automotive lighting driver

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 igure 1 shows the Hyundai of the various led car light applications. In the vehicle's interior, there are several types of LED with the "standard built-in" lighting module. Some are a single LED, but as the navigation instrument panel backlighting, etc. Some other applications require LED array. The external lighting, LED has also been recognized. Now, over 40% of the CHMSL have adopted the red LED. In addition, the Audi (Audi) 2008 A8 with high current LED arrays as daytime running lights (DRL). Lexus 600 sedan and the Audi R8, including headlights, including all the external "prior to the lighting" are done by the LED. Similarly, and even more medium-class cars and many motorcycles are also used as an array of colored LED brake / turn signal indicator.



Figure 1  LED Car lighting in Hyundai Application



Figure 2  Automotive lighting drive system diagram


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