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LED lighting technology

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While we are still arguing over whether xenon headlamps should be legal or not,the whole world has moved on with the latest in automotive lighting/Led lights for carstechnology LEDs.Some cars already have LED tail lamps/LED auto bulb the most affordable one locally bein the Perodua Myvi. But Audi has been pioneering the use of LEDs for front tall ighting.


Audi has already made LED lighting a Daytime Running Light Kit option for some of it’scars the R8,A5,S5,S6 and the A8. LEDs can also be used as turn signals,but something new is clusters of LED lights used for low beam and high beam lights.


An LED headlamp from Audi uses a cluster of 54 LED light sources grouped together as a single light source. A single LED headlamp/car LED lights as sembly consists of a few modules.The low beam headlight module uses an array off our LEDs for each of the up per and lower reflectors hells with range and light/dark boundary via the plastic lens from three array sof two LEDs.


The high beam headlight reflectors use one array off our LEDs per reflector shell,the turn signals use 8 yellow high performance LEDs, and finally the daytime running lights trips:24 white Advanced Power Top LEDs with optical fibers for homogeneous illumination.The headlamps also have two cooling fans builtin to them,but they are not to cool the LEDs,instead they push the heat from the LED forwards to melt ice or snow stuck on to the lense.


Advantages that LED technology has over halogen or xenon bulbs are smaller size,increased durability,increased lifespan and low energy consumption.led bulbs for cars are also more flexible in the sense that the arrays can be configured in such away that the classic headlamp shape is no longer necessary,thus giving the designers a bit more room for creativity.Audiis confident that car LED lighting will take over as the primary light source in vehicles int he future.

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