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Led brake light_Dingju brake light show

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Led car turning light and led car brake light are widely used,led brake light is brighter than normal brake light,It has a quick response,also can be lighted instantly.Now let’s share three types,with 1157/3157/7443 socket.
BAY15D auto bulb

Product Introduction:
1:Model: T25
2:Socket: BAY15D
3:LED quantity: 18leds
Specification: 5050 SMD-3Chips
Color: Red,yellow,green ,blue,white,amber and so on ,all are available
6:Working voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC
This BAY15D auto bulb was made up of 18pcs 5050 SMD,LED is cold light source used by electric lighting theory,It widely used as car dashboard lighting and siganl lighting for abroad,long life span,T25 BAY15D auto bulb with the feature of low heat value,low consumption,widely used in communication, traffic,spaceflight high-tech area and so on.

3157 led auto bulb
Product Introduction:
1:Model: T25
2:Socket: 3157
3:LED quantity: 18leds
4:LED Specification: 5mm Super flux led (Round)
5:Color: Red,yellow,green,blue,white,amber and so on,all are available
6:Working voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC

This 3157 led auto bulb (T25 18pcs super flux led), pure emitting color,wide angle,beautiful shape,shockproof,This 3157 led auto bulb use 6 sides emitting effect,According to customer’s requirement,5mm Round,Flat or Arc super flux led are all available, super flux led can be designed
7443 led brake light
Product Description:
1:Type: T20 7443 SMD Japanese Model brake bulb
Socket: 7443
3:LED quantity: 18 smd
Specification: 5050 SMD(3 chips)
Color: Red,yellow,white,amber and so on ,all are available
6:Working voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC
This 7443 led brake light used the PC material socket of High Temperature Resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance,We have applied one Heat Sink between the lamp and the socket, it can be cool well ,Both 5050 1chip or 3chips are available according to the different brightness, 7440/7443/ 3156/3157/ 1156/ 1157 are avilable for this type,We also have anther similar product 7443 SMD car brake bulbs

After visiting the article,you can browse our homepage and products page,You can find more products info.Any questions and requirements,Don’t hesitate to contact with us,Good quality and competitive price will be offer.E-mail: sales@dingjuled.com
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