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New product third LED brake light from Dingju

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You must drive your car on both empty and crowed roads to ensure yours safety as well as other drivers' well-being. To fit for different usage for high traffic levels in big cities, DINGJU team has developped a variety of cree car LED lights, especially LED brake light bulbs. It is particulary important in stop-and go traffic, when the good LED brake lights can make the different between the person behind you seeing your suddenly stop and brake in time or not.

We adopted cree chip as our LED material, very super bright quality, power is up to 3W, 90LM to 100LM, the new car LED lights model as 1157,7443 & 3157. We has already inspection their funtion , DINGJU third LED brake lights not only respond faster than others at the same design, but also much brighter and tested to withstand harsh condition. As our mostly products, our LED brake lights are quick and esay to install. Also we welcome different
customized third LED brake lights via your requirements, it will give much stylish lighitng view.

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