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Something you don’t know about the fog lights

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led car light


Efficient and durable headlamps with OSRAM Joule JFLCF2 LED modules are replacing the conventional halogen-based technology.
LEDs need to be maintained far less often than conventional halogen-based lamps.
The design of the JFLCF2 modules with integrated lenses ensures ideal fog-light distribution, which guarantees relatively good vision even in thick fog and therefore greater safety .
The fog lamps can be customised with heat sinks or assembly fixtures and offer customers the possibility of adjusting the design to their needs.
Fog lights and driving lights are not only an essential to your car, you can also make a statement for your ride with a set of stylish, cool looking and multi-functional lighting system.
Take a look of the fog lights, driving lights we carry with a wide varieties of shapes, sizes, brightness, and functions. There should be a perfect one that fits all your driving light needs.
Most fog lights and driving light systems come with all necessary installation hardwares, and easy installation too. You can give a fresh look to your ride and enhance nighttime driving safey in no time.
These are universal fog lights that can be installed on an car, truck, van or SUV. Add the finishing touches to your vehicle by installing custom fog lights in the bumper. Remember, if your vehicle does not have fog light locations or wires coming to the fog light holes, you will need to draw power for these from the "park lamp" lights located on the sides of the vehicle. This way, when your park lamps are on, your fog lights turn on as well.
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