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The development trend of the low energy led light bulbs

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The development trend of the low energy led light bulbs As the low energy led light bulbs have been used in many ares widely,to analysis the development trend is very important for us to grasp the earliest information about the led light market.Now we see the market trend and the product trend of the low energy led light bulbs.


The market development trend of the low energy led light bulbs :

Generally speaking,the Asian market will be the main regions that develop greatly in the worldwide.And the North American market and European market come the second.South America, Middle East market also began to grow rapidly at the same time.


In the led light markets,we can see high intensity light bulbs,cheap led lights,low voltage led light bulbs. However,as the led lights still have many problems,such as low luminous flux, luminous efficiency, color uniformity, high thermal and cost issues.In addition,temperature changes will also bring some more problems.And the product quality is still need improving.


The product development trend of the low energy led light bulbs :

First, the application of led tail lights will have the largest growth.Mainly due to many cars start to use the LED technology, in addition,the energy considerations makes the LED tail lights have greater development space.As reported, LED taillights market penetration will grow from 15% in 2008 to 28% in 2011.


Second, the application share of the led lights in cars is up to 60% in the whole led market.In Europe,almost 90% led lights are used for cars while it is only 50% in the world.


Seeing from the information about the LED lights above,we know that the led lights have ripe market in the developed countries and there will be great development in the third world.


Then where to buy led light bulbs,come to Dingju Electronic Co.,Ltd,it is a professional LED car light manufacturer from Asia,it will offer the best led lights with different bulb specification.All the products are high quality.


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