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The led tail lights of classic Audi A6L

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Nowadays,more and more cars start to install led car tail lights.When compare with the conventional light bulbs, the LED lights have many obvious advantages,they are energy-saving, low heat, shock, high color purity, light speed, long life and many other advantages. Becuse there are so many advantages,the LED tail lights have already become one of the most ideal driving lights.


When we see from the design of the LED tail lights,it is really very beautiful.The lights can not only improve the driving safety,they are also led lights for decoration.Today let me show a kind of Audi A6L with led tail lights.


The Audi A6L has many changes,the greatest change is the face and the rear of the car.The addition of the led daytime running light makes the A6L look younger. If you want to praise this kind of car model,the most attractive will be the tail lights.It uses the transverse taillights from Audi family and this kind of design will be also applied on the new A4, A5.


The led tail lights of the classic Audi A6L

The new Audi A6L tail lights are made of led turn light,led back up light,led brake light and led driving light.When turn on the light,we will find that the tail lights light up all the behind areas and make the car more fashion and beautiful.


Of course,to this kind of led tail lights,the main function is not for decoration,the installtion of the led tail lights will have high visibility at night. In addition,led lights for cars response faster than ordinary light,when it brakes,these automotive led tail lights will have more effective then than the old style tail light,which means it will help us improve the driving safety greatly.


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