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Vehicle Lighting: automotive lighting comprehensively upgrade security

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led turning light


Lights are not only the eyes of the car, but also personal representative.Modified to increase the brightness of the headlights, or after the installation of the angel eye lens,the car just like the night flying 'Nighthawk'; modified the Strobe LED brake lights, turning lightsof cars, like all-powerful 'conquestwho '; modification of the LED decorative lights of cars seems as if they are wearing their own personal fashion, wherever he drives to is the protagonists
LED is also known as light emitting diode , compared to ordinary halogen bulbs, it owns small volume, light weight, low voltage and current, high brightness, strongly resistance to shock, and the advantages of fast response.LED light source not only saves energy, but also extends the life to 50,000 hours or more. In addition to the reason of energy saving, environmental protection for automotive LED population , more importantly, it can enhance the value of car.
Improve driving safety: A Case Study of LED lights, LED lights of the response time is much faster than conventional lights, which wins more reaction distance for the brake and makes light more stable.
Highlight the brand of the car and users' personality: LED owns rich color and small volume, easy to design all kinds of shapes and color combinations, conveying personality of the vehicles owners, loved by consumers, especially young people.Before, LED lights are a single color group, but now comes up a LED product that it can change color, the owner can change their favorite color whenever they want.You can modify your car according to your hobby, so that the original size-fits-the car represents your taste wherever you driving after put on his personality clothes
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Safe driving is a legal and moral obligation
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