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Dingju tells you how to control the led lights

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To turn on or turn off the led lights for cars is very important.As for weather, traffic, time and other factors will bring some changes.Now Dingju tells you how to control the led lights in right ways.


Under normal circumstances,you should turn on the led lights the same time with the road light, but if you encounter cloudy, foggy weather or other bad weather, the lights should be turn on in advance to offer enough sight to ensure road safety.When you are only 30-50 meters away from the traffic lights you should turn off the headlight.When you drive in a park, you can turn off the headlights,turn on some low beam light such as LED signal light, LED tail lights for cars,led dashboard light,led brake lights or some other low-intensity lights.


In fact if it is sandy, in foggy weather or fog, or open a great role. Other times when to turn on the fog light depends on the actual situation. After all, the drivers in the frond or behind will feel the light look too harsh and the light will effect their normal traffic.


Here there is also a kind of new light - led daytime running light. Since the European Union requires all new cars have to install led daytime running light, and now many countries and regions in the world begin to use led daytime running light during the day, the function of the installation of such lights is to strengthen the vehicle identification,it can decrease the traffic accidents.


In the driving process,drivers must pay attention to a variety of external factors and adjust the automotive light bulbs in time to make sure the traffic safety.



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