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Could you please tell me how I can replace the car headlamp?


Q:Could you please tell me how I can replace the car headlamp?


A:Yes,the followings are the steps


Step 1

Ar first,you should be sure you need to change the car headlight.On the back of the headlamp you'll see a three-pronged connection covered by a piece of rubber. If you see a small, plastic, usually black knob on the back of the headlamp,it is the time for you to replace the led bulb.


Step 2

Unscrew the screws (typically there are two to four) that hold the metal band down. These screws are very small and short - don't confuse them with the two screws that are used for adjustment. The adjustment screws are larger and longer.


Step 3

Put the screws where you won't lose or kick them.


Step 4

Remove the metal band. The headlamp should hang up.


Step 5

Pull the back of the rubber cover and unplug the headlamp from the back.


Step 6

Put the new headlamp in the same place and plug it in. Put the rubber cover back over the connection.


Step 7

Put the metal band back on, and screw the small screws back in to hold it in place.


Step 8

Turn on the headlight and test it to see if it can work well.


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