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Dingju LED Car light Packing


Q:How many packing ways does your company have?


A:Different types of led products have different packing ways, now we have 3 kinds of packing ways:

(1)By Anti-Electrostatic Polybag

(2)Dingju LED Car light Orginal Cardboard Package

(3)Neutral Packing


Now let us see the pictures of our packing ways as followings:




                         By Anti-Electrostatic Polybag


( 100-200pcs per bag )




Dingju LED Car light Orginal Cardboard Packing

( 1 pcs/ Set  )






Type R Neutral Packing


If list as the different serise:





509T dashboard light packing






T08 BA9S cardboard packing





C5W festoon light



C5W festoon light Packing ( one set )





T25 turning & brake light



1: For the Anti-Electrostatic Polybag packing is for free, and for the cardboard packing need charge 0.045USD/ Card.

2: Our factory can do the cards with clients requirement , but Cards MOQ is 10,000pcs

If less then 10,000pcs , need with 74USD Charge .



Dingju Sales Center








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