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How many led fog lights can your company produce?How I can distinguish them from each other?




Q:How many led fog lights can your company produce?How I can distinguish them from each other?

A:Our company can provide all kinds of high quality and reasonable led fog lights.Now all our led fog light serise include H1, H3, H4,H7,H8,H11, 9005,9006 and some other types.Of course,the types are too much,if you compare two or three of them,you will find it easy to distinguish the type from each other.Now let’s introduce them one by one for you.

1: Take H1 and H3 for comparison
A:  Except the socket is different,H3 has one cable,it makes it possible for customers friens to distinguish from H3..

B:  For their size is T13  (13mm )



 H1-9SMD ( 5050-3chips )     H3-13SMD ( 5050-3chips )


2: Take H4 and H7 for comparison
A:  The size of the two is the same ( T25: 25mm )
B:  You can see the Socket ,from the appearance , you can easy to see that H4 has 3 metel contaction,But H7 has only two contaction.


  H4-13SMD (5050-3chips )     H7-13SMD (5050-3chips )


3: Take H8 and H11 for comparison
A: The size is the same ( T25: 25mm )
B: Both from the market and our Engineers' feedback, H8 and H11 is the same , only the Xenon’s socket adapter is different.When use LED to replace, H8 and H11 can replace each other.


H8-13SMD (5050-3chips )     H11-13SMD (5050-3chips )


4: Take 9005 amd 9006 for comparison

A: The size is almost the same ( T25: 25mm )

B: The size of 9005 is 1mm smaller then 9006, so it’s not very easy to distinguish , but you can put the socekt toward yourself , then you will find 9005 has only one backslide plate bc while the 9006 has two backslide plate bc.



9005-9SMD (5050-3chips )    9006-13SMD (5050-3chips )


More information about the led fog lights are here:http://www.dingjuled.com/product/product-0001,0039,0040.shtml
you also can register on our company website and then you can download our Specification for the details Technical Parameter.


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