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How to Remove a Broken light bulb ?


Q:Hello,if when I'm trying to remove an old light bulb, it breaks on me,how I can remove it quickly and safely?

A:Generally speaking,we can change the old light bulb smoothly.If you are not luckly and break the old light bulb,don't worry,follow the blow steps,you will remove the old light bulb quickly and safely.

Step 1


Turn off power to the bulb and unplug the lamp.

Step 2

Put on protective gloves.

Step 3

Grip the metal lip of the bulb with needle-nose pliers.

Step 4

Gently unscrew the bulb base, turn it the same way you would an unbroken bulb. Be careful of your fingers while turning the base of the bulb for some sheered glass remnants may still be inside.

Step 5

Remove the bulb base

Step 6

Be sure to vacuum up any broken glass from the floor.


Things You'll Need:

· Vacuum

· Protective Gloves

· Needle-nose Pliers

· Needle-nose Pliers


Tips & Warnings

· Be sure the power is turned off before placing pliers inside the bulb base.


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