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How to adjust the led headlight?


Q:My car headlight is loose,and the lighting effect is not good,could you please tell me how to adjust the led headlight?


A:Yes.In order to get more useful information for our clients, we try to collect and provide some information about LED Car light information and installation ways.Now let's share the installtion ways as the followings: 



Step 1

Park your car on a level surface with the front facing toward a wall or garage door.

Step 2

Find the adjustment screws. The screws are located on different places of different models, but they are usually on the side of the headlamps. On many models, there will be smaller screws and 2 larger screws for horizontal adjuustment and vertical adjustment. Some cars may only have one screw.

Step 3

Turn on the headlights.

Step 4

Make note of the light they cast on the wall or garage door. They should be faced ahead.

Step 5

Loosen or tighten the adjustment screws slightly with a screwdriver to lower or raise the beam.

Step 6

Repeat with the other headlight .

Step 7

Turn on the high beams and repeat if the light has low beams light.


Things You'll Need:

· Car Manuals

· Screwdriver Sets




Tips & Warnings

· Your headlights may not be adjustable. Check your owner's manual for more information.

· Some newer cars have a small level within the headlamp assembly, making it easier to get an accurate adjustment.

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