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If my bulb is broken,how can I change it?

Q:If my bulb is broken,how can I change it?


A:There are main four steps as the followings:


 Step 1:

 Put your gloves on and clean up any shards of glass in the area.


 Step 2:

 Shut off power to the bulb by either unplugging appliance or turning off power at the breaker.


 Step 3:

 Take the spare bulb and screw it into the broken bulb. Once the bulb is in then reverse it and take out both bulbs. The new bulb will pull out the old bulb. Trash the broken bulb.


 Step 4

 Insert replacement bulb and restore power.


Tools You'll Need:

· New Lightbulb

· Gloves

· Step-ladder (if necessary)


Tips & Warnings

· Always use the same size bulb as the broken bulb.

· Always cut off the power supply before starting this. Not cutting off the power will let you at risk of electric shock.

· Wear shoes and gloves around broken glass to avoid cutting.


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