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I want to see your real products,do you have your own product showings?



Q:I want to see your real products,do you have your own product showings? 


A:Yes,we have our own procuct showings,we design them by ourselves.We display all of our led car light products on the product showings,you can see the pictures of our products or visit our company,you will see them clearly. 


The LED Car light Show Room of our company




The LED Car light Show Room of our company  



   For the black display put all kinds of led car bulb , each display showing one serise LED Car light.It includes LED Dashboard light,LED signal light, LED side light ,LED Door Light,LED back–up light, LED turning light,LED Brake Light, LED Tail light, LED Fog light , Festoon light ( License Plate Light ) ,LED Strip light ,LED Canbus light.


   (The led products in the frame cabinets are carboard packing products, and the led products in the display cabinet are used for Exhibitions.)

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