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After-sales service


  1:After sending the inquiry , you will get the Quotation within one day , for our Hot products you can get the quotation and our specification within 0.5-1H. ( we are not accept quote the price on line ) 

  2:After you send your comments to us ,we also will reply all the feedback within one week to your E-mail and for the typical questions or problems we will also put it in the FAQ.

  3:Provide the pictures and specification before delivery

  4:We will recommend our new products and best seller products per month .

  5:Every client can feedback the estimate products they want at the beginning or end of every month, our company can do some hot products in stock per season and then inform each of our clients ,then they will get those products within 1-3days after mading the payment.

  (Tip: Our working time from  Monday to Saturday  8:00am- 21:00pm) 


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