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Some information about the 5050 smd H3 led fog light


Dingju Electronics Co.,Ltd updated H3 led fog light from May,2010. After one month test, the product perfomance is very good.(we also changed and improved the brightness of H1 led fog light )


1: Brightness:the ordinary 5050 smd-3chips is about 12-14LM,while our present 5050 smd-3chips is around 16-17LM.


2: We have two types:H3 with 9smd and H3 with 13smd.The 13smd is a little higher than 9smd ,so 9smd is more popular in many different modles.We have some pictures for reference as the followings:




H3 fog light 001



H3 fog light 002




H3 fog light 003



H3 fog light 004




H3 fog light 005


3: Now our fog light can only used for low beam light, until have the super bright chips which can reach the requirement of headlamp, then we can design LED headlamp.


4: Click here to get more information about the led car fog light ( low beam )


5: Our factory can provide 2-3 free samples for testing , clients need paid for the freight fee by Paypal or with clients DHL account or UPS account, just E-mail with your company detail information and what you need to sales@dingjuled.com or dj81@dingjuled.com ( Miss Jeanie ) .




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