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What should I do if some water enter the led fog light?



Q:What should I do if some water enter the led fog light?

A:If some water enter your fog light,it will effect your visibility when you are driving.It will bring many troubles.Now let's see the following steps to solve this problem:

1、remove the fog lights

2、remove the hot melt adhesive with a knife little by little

3、separate shade,light body and mirror, etc.

4、wipe dry the lamp, mirror with anhydrous alcohol (be careful not to rub the hair mirror)

5、reassemble all the parts

6、seal the led light for cars with hot melt glue or silicone(we don't have the necessary to worry about the strength problems of the silicone

7、Check the back cover where sealed just now

8、Install the fog light to the car


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The steps:


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