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G4 5050SMD led bulb

Production Classification: Top Light/ Reading Light

Product Attributes
Feature:This G4 led bulb is no UV, IR or other deleterious radiation.
Product name:G4 5050SMD led bulb
Item No.:G43009X50TS

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Product Details


Product No:G4 5050SMD led bulb
Item No:G43009X50TS

Product Feature:
1:This G4 led bulb is no UV, IR or other deleterious radiation.
2:About this G4 led bulb,It’s No Mercury or other deleterious material.
3:An ideal replacement for traditional G4 halogen bulb,energy saving.
4:There is a plastic cover to protect the parts on the back of the bulb.
Product Description
1:Model No: G4
2:LED quantity: 9SMD
3:LED Specification: 5050 SMD
4:Color: Red,yellow,green ,blue,white,amber and so on ,all are available
5:MOQ: 100pcs/each
6:Power consumption as low as 3W
7:Warranty: one years
8:Terms of payment: T/T , Western Union, Paypal 
9:Packing: Anti-Electrostatic Polybag , Blister Card
Usage: Widely used in ships, advertisement boards, or as light sources of desk lights,reading light
G4 led bulb
G4 5050 SMD bulb
G4 5050 SMD bulb
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G4 5050SMD led top light
G4 5050SMD led top light
This G4 5050SMD led top light is no UV, IR or other deleterious radiation.[Details]
G4 5050SMD led bulb
G4 5050SMD led bulb
This G4 led bulb is no UV, IR or other deleterious radiation.[Details]

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