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LED High power daytime running light

Production Classification: DRL-running light

Product Attributes
Product name:
Item No.:Z1323004X35WS

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Product Details


Product name: LED High power daytime running light 
Item No.: Z1323004X35WS


Product feature:
1:This led Hight power daytime running light with 8W high power;

2:Start fast,without preheating,with good switching characteristics;

3:The led car light  has a long span as long as 30000-50000 hours;

4:green lighting,there is no radiation,will not cause environment pollution and is easy to install;

Product introduction:
1:Name:LED High power daytime running light 
3:LED quantity: 4 LEDs
 Specification: high power
5:Color: Available in Red,yellow,amber,blue,white.
6:Voltage working range: 10-30VDC;
7:Guarantee:3 year (used in normal condition;

8:MOQ: 1000pcs each Item
9:Terms of payment:T/T , Western Union, Paypal

Usage: led daytime running light

Tips: (relative information for reference)
Socket Information:
What is LED,SMD, High power led
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