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T25 1157 6pcs 5050SMD  led brake light
T25 led brake light with 6pcs 5050SMD is a new product.led brake light with a good heat function and good price.It was designed according our clients' requirements.This T25 led brake light are also can produce as 1156 led turn light
T25 1157 5050 SMD led brake light
This 1157 5050 SMD brake light has small size,and we also design 24,27,30,36,39, 45,51,54,63 pcs smd brake lights to meet clients' different requirements.
SMD 7443 socket led brake Light
1:This T20 led interior light is our new product,and many customers order this interior light,particularly popular in Europe. 2:Both 5050 SMD 3chip or 3528 1-chips are available.
SMD BAY15D socket led brake Light
This T20 BAY15D (1157 socket)18SMD car brake light is our new product,and many customers order it,Particularly popular in Europe.
T25 1157 high power led brake light
This 3W BAY15D brake light can replace the original 21W incandescent lamp.
[T25]T25 P21W led brake light[ 2009-12-07 18:29 ]
T25 P21W led brake light
T25 P21W led brake light's socket was made up of copper material,with oxidation treatment on surface.
[T25]T25 1157 LED brake light[ 2009-11-05 18:31 ]
T25 1157 LED brake light
4 layer with 39pcs led and 360 degree emitting viewing angle.
[T20]T20 7443 LED brake light[ 2009-06-03 02:05 ]
T20 7443 LED brake light
Low power,high Lighting Effect,low heating value,direct lighting effect
[T25]T25 P21W led brake light[ 2009-06-02 22:54 ]
T25 P21W led brake light
High emitting effect:small volume:easy installation